Get Involved

Lost & Found is a work in progress and needs your help.
There are many ways you can support this project.
Please do get in touch:

If you lost or found something - or if you know anyone who did. You can upload any information onto our interactive map

If you’re a journalist, media maker, blogger with interesting stories you want to share.

If you’re one of the lucky, talented ones who speak more than one language and enjoy translating.
We often need interpreters and translators.

We will constantly post our journey itineraries in our blog section. If you can help with accommodation, transportation or any advice about our trips, we will be most grateful.

You can also support us by spreading the word about Lost & Found online and offline:

Read our blog, participate and share it with your family, friends, partners and local communities.

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Link us or ask us to link you: Let us know what you’re thinking, feeling, doing about the refugee crisis! Get involved and get other people involved! Support us by suggesting new ways in which we can be helpful to each other!