A watch given by a father to his son on the eve of his departure from Afghanistan. A letter written by a Syrian man to his brother, whose whereabouts are as yet unknown. A Quran that was lost in the Macedonian woods by an exhausted Iraqi teacher fleeing with her three children.

Lost & Found is a documentary in development about the personal objects lost by refugees travelling to and through Europe, and, more importantly, about the stories of their owners. Often these letters, pictures, and children’s toys are all that is left of the owners’ perilous trajectories, and sometimes of their lives. In our film, we will embark on a journey aimed at finding these men, women and children in order to return their lost possessions to them.

In this blog, we invite you to take part in our discoveries as we look for the protagonists of our film. We also encourage you to help us by sharing any information and stories you might have about any lost objects and/or their owners on our Lost & Found Office

Meet the Team

Christine Pawlata


Christine Pawlata is a journalist and documentary maker based in Rome. Her work has been published amongst others by the Dutch public television channels VPRO, HUMAN and IKON, SBS Australia, The Associated Press, Amnesty International, and the Italian Council for Refugees. Many of the stories she has worked on deal with social issues like migration, the Romani minorities, discrimination and racism, prisoners’ rights, organised crime and poverty.

Erika Tasini


Erika Tasini is a director of film and theatre. Her films screened at festivals such as Slamdance, Edinburgh, the Chicago International Film Festival, CameraImage Lodz, Cinemathèque Française, and Torino FF. Erika also wrote the feature documentary AN AFRICAN ELECTION, selected at IDFA, Sundance, Locarno and released in UK and US cinemas.